Restrictions on Massive Alaskan Mine Proposed

Restrictions on Massive Alaskan Mine ProposedOn Friday the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Agency said that it proposes to issue restrictions which would actually block the development of a huge gold and copper mine that has been planned close to the headwaters of a leading salmon fishery located in Bristol Bay watershed, Alaska.

This will strike a big blow to the project which could rank among the largest of the open-pit mines in the world.

The proposal is subject to a public-comment period lasting till Sept. 19. It represents the latest step from the Obama administration to inflict limitations on a colossal gold and copper mining project which is called Pebble Mine.

The native tribes of Alaska, commercial fisheries and environmental conservationist have made an effort to block the project as the discharge flowing from the operation may pose a threat and harm an area of the sea which supports almost half of the sockeye salmon found in the entire world.

The EPA's regional administrator for the area, Dennis McLerran, said on Friday that the agency has come to a conclusion that even if a mine which is much smaller to the one proposed by Pebble's is supported it would produce "almost unfathomable amounts of rock's that would pose significant risks to the fragile ecosystem in Bristol Bay."