Report: Australia climbs up world rankings of average Internet connection speeds

 Australia climbs up world rankings of average Internet connection speedsThe Akamai 2014 State of the Internet Report has revealed that Australia has climbed up two places in the world rankings of average Internet connection speeds.

According to the report, Australia's world ranking in terms of average Internet connection speeds during the January-March 2014 quarter was 42; which implies that the country has notched up two rankings when compared to the October-December 2013 quarter.

The average Internet connection speeds recorded by Australia in the 2014 first quarter were 6.0Mbps, which marked an increase of 2.6 percent from the previous quarter. On a year-on-year basis, the country recorded a noteworthy 39 percent in average Internet connection speeds.

The report also revealed that though Australia climbed up two positions of average Internet connection speed world rankings in 2014 first quarter, it dropped nine positions in terms of average peak connection speeds; ranking 41 globally.

Average peak connection speeds recorded in Australia during 2014 first quarter were 31.6Mbps, representing a 10 percent quarter-over-quarter plunge. However, the year-on-year changes witnessed a 20 percent increase in these speeds in the country.

Moreover, with regard to broadband connectivity (above 4Mbps) in 2014 first quarter, the report showed that Australia's world ranking was 49; down five positions from the previous quarter.