Toshiba files patent-infringement lawsuit against Powerchip and three other companies, in Taiwan court

ToshibaOn Tuesday, Toshiba - the leading manufacturer of flash memory chips used in smartphones - has revealed that it has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Taiwan's Powerchip Technology Corp and three other firms --- Powerflash Technology Corporation, Zentel Electronics Corporation, and C. T. C. Co., Ltd.

The lawsuit, which alleges that Powerchip and the three other companies have infringed on Toshiba's flash memory patents, was filed in the Intellectual Property Court in Taiwan. Toshiba has claimed that the four firms have together infringed its Taiwan patents for NAND flash memory Nos. 154717 and I238412.

According to a Toshiba spokesman, a compensation amount of T$100 million ($3.3 million) is being sought by Toshiba via the lawsuit. In addition, Toshiba is also seeking a halt of the production as well as sales of devices which allegedly violate the company's patents.

The legal action was initiated by Toshiba against Powerchip and the other three companies ignored the notices issued to them by Toshiba. In the notices sent to the four companies, Toshiba had highlighted the fact that they were offering NAND flash memories without the requisite license for using technologies covered by Toshiba patents.

With NAND flash memory having been invented by Toshiba in 1987, it is apparent that Toshiba will take all necessary action to protect its investment and respond resolutely to any unauthorized use of its patented technology, so that it can continue to maintain the advanced technical competence which is the basis of its competitive strength.