Bungie Software’s ‘Destiny’ to be the first game to use PS4’s preloading feature

DestinyWith support for preloading having been added to Sony PlayStation 4's 1.70 system update, which became available to North American users in April, a Game Spot report has revealed that the first game to make use of the preloading feature will be 'Destiny' --- Bungie Software's next blockbuster game.

Since the preloading feature essentially gives users the ability to download a game digitally before its scheduled launch, a PlayStation online support page says that PS4 users will be able to download the complete game ahead of its official launch on September 9.

The statement on the PlayStation online support page reads thus: "Beginning with 'Destiny,' certain pre-ordered titles can be automatically preloaded prior to their release."

Sony also said that PS4 users will not only be able to preload 'Destiny', but will also allow the users who have pre-ordered the game - via the PlayStation Store - to access to the beta version of the game. The 'Destiny' version is scheduled to launch in July; and it will be available first on PS3 and PS4 consoles.

Meanwhile, for automatic downloading of pre-ordered games, users will simply have to enable the Automatic Downloads and Uploads option, located in the System section of the Settings menu. However, the digital downloading of the game will not give the users the ability to start playing it ahead of its scheduled launch date.