911 Emergency dispatch centers not set up to receive and send text messages

911The Big Four wireless carriers in the US - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile - have recently given their subscribers across the country the ability to text their emergency to 911; but most emergency call dispatch centers are apparently not ready for texting as yet.

Noting that most 911 emergency centers are not set up to receive and send text messages, Kim Pennington - Director of Sedgwick County 911 emergency help service - said that the availability of 911 texting option by the four bigwig wireless carriers does not mean that the country as a whole is ready to take text through 911.

According to the information shared by Pennington, barely 5 percent of the emergency dispatch centers in the US have the capability to receive and send text messages.

Noting that texting 911 isn't as simple a mechanism as flipping a switch, Pennington said that 911 emergency dispatchers will evidently want to keep 911 texting to a minimum once it is available.

Pennington further elaborated: "We want to limit the texting to the 'hard of hearing' community or to people who are in situations where somebody has broken into their house and they're hiding under a bed or in a closet and they can't use a voice call."