Twitter adds option to 'mute' people

Twitter adds option to 'mute' peopleMicroblogging service Twitter introduced a new 'mute' option for its users on Monday. The 'mute' option will essentially enable users to 'silence' the apparently 'noisy' users whom they follow, but do not somehow want to unfollow.

The 'mute' option introduced by Twitter allows the users to hide the tweets, retweets and activity of selected accounts from their timeline. For the selected people who have been muted, the users will also not receive push and SMS notifications when the muted people tweet about them.

However, the use of the 'mute' option to muffle selected accounts does not imply that those accounts have been blocked. Muting will not stop the muted people from being able to interact with the users' tweets - whether it is favoriting, replying or retweeting. But, the interaction will not show up in the users' timeline.

When a user chooses to mute someone, the people who have been muted will not be notified about the move. They may, however, become aware of the fact that the user is ignoring them.

The 'mute' option is already available on Twitter's iPhone and Android apps, as well as on the Twitter. com website. It will be rolled out to Twitter's entire user base over the coming weeks.