Asthma patient can breathe easy due to lucky visit

Asthma patient can breathe easy due to lucky visitA young asthma patient, Max Dunne got lucky when the Asthma Society open day clinic organised consultation. With World Asthma Day coming up fast his family members share their story with Ailin Quinlan.

Right from the toddler years for Max Dunne it has been difficult to breathe, especially in the evenings when the damp air triggered fits of cough. The boy was taken regularly to hospitals and was not allowed to play and run around since it gave him a hard time breathing. 

Since the time Max was just a two year old baby he has been a regular in hospitals and the staff have been trying to keep his wheezing and coughing under control with the help of steroids and nebulisers.

He wasn't three years old when he could not be tested for lung function which would confirm the presence of asthma and which is why he was put on inhaler and on a waiting list to see a respiratory specialist.

Dr Basil Elnazir, Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician at the Adelaide and Meath National Children's Hospital in Tallaght, and chairperson of the Asthma Society's Medical Advisory Group stated that it is a very tough job to diagnose pre-school children with asthma when compared to teenagers and adults.