NetMarketShare releases latest monthly Desktop OS sampling

NetMarketShare releases latest monthly Desktop OS samplingAccording to the latest monthly Desktop OS sampling by NetMarketShare, Microsoft latest Windows 8. x operating system face stiff competition from Windows 7 OS during the month of April.

The statistics released by NetMarketShare show that the market share of Windows XP - which was retired by Microsoft on April 8 - predictably plunged 1.43 percent, from 27.69 percent in March to 26.26 percent in April. The drop in XP market share is expected to continue in the future too, as Microsoft has discontinued support for the aging OS.

Meanwhile, for NetMarketShare's latest monthly reporting period, Windows 8 also lost 0.07 percent market share in April, as compared to the March figures. In addition, approximately one percentage point (0.97 percent) was gained by Windows 8 replacement, which increased from 4.89 percent in March to 5.86 percent in April.

The combined market share of Windows 8. x witnessed a growth of 0.9 percent; thereby marking its biggest market-share gain since December 2013 when the OS recorded a 1.19 percent increase because of holiday shopping season.

Lastly, so far as Windows 7 is concerned, the latest NetMarketShare figures show that the OS gained 0.65 percent in April, with its market share increasing from 48.77 percent to 49.42 percent.