Tim Cook: Apple TV no longer a “hobby” at Apple; over 20 million units sold till date

 Apple TV no longer a “hobby” at Apple; over 20 million units sold till dateApple CEO Tim Cook recently announced, during its financial results conference call, that the sales of Apple TV set-top box till date have surpassed 20 million units. The announcement implies that the Apple TV device is no longer a "hobby" at Apple.

The noteworthy Apple TV sales figures revealed by Cook have come ahead of a long anticipated refresh of the set-top box. The disclosure by Cook came during a question-and-answer session at the conference call, when Cook was questioned about the Apple TV, the Fire TV, and Amazon's recently announced content agreement with HBO.

In an evident attempt to explain Apple's position in relation to the Apple TV device, Cook provided rare information on sales of the set-top box; and said that the noteworthy Apple TV sales are an indication of the fact that the "hobby" label has been stripped off the device. 

Revealing that the content which was purchased directly off Apple TV, for 2013, was more than $1 billion, Cook said that it doesn't feel right "to refer to something that's over $1 billion as a hobby."

Though Cook refrained from commenting directly on Amazon's deal with HBO, he said that - broadly speaking - the content available on the Apple TV is "extremely favorable" compared with Amazon's box. He further added: "Sold about 20 million Apple TVs and we have a pretty large installed base there. I'm feeling pretty quite good about that business and where it can go."