College Soccer Star’s Sweat and Body Heat Sends her to Emergency Room

Caitlin-McComishFor a game player, sweat does not matter, but for this college soccer star, it is a big matter of concern and can send her to an emergency room. Caitlin McComish, 20, from White House, Ohio, has been diagnosed with a severe form of a health condition called cholinergic urticarial.

It is a hive disorder which triggers when McComish's skin gets exposed to heat and sweat. Running on the soccer field makes her body to have an intense inflammatory reaction and she starts developing hives and her throat swells making it difficult for her to breathe.

In that situation she is left with no option, but to seek immediate medical care. It was in 2013 when the University of Toledo student first suffered from the anaphylactic shock due to allergy. At that time, she was in her hometown.

All of a sudden, she had a bad stomach, her tongue started to swell and it seemed to her that her throat was getting choked. Before her condition could get worse, she managed to make a call to her mother.

"I was really, really itchy. It hit me like uncomfortable heat waves. Then I could feel the swelling in my throat, and my tongue got tingly and thicker", affirmed McComish. Her mother reached at the spot with ambulance.

McComish underwent treatment and came back to school, but she suffered 17 such shocks whenever she was training. Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic diagnosed her with serious type of cholinergic urticaria.

She tried a number of measures to reduce her body's response to sweat including taking antihistamines, bathing with ice water before going for training and wearing a cooling vest. But none of them worked and then Dr. David Lang recommended McComish to take Xolair injections, an asthma drug. Since then, McComish has reported stable condition.