Respawn announces Titanfall 'Expedition' DLC pack featuring three new maps

TitanfallOver this past weekend, Respawn studio announced Titanfall's 'Expedition' DLC pack on Twitter. The studio also announced the DLC pack during a PAX East presentation.

In an elaboration of the Titanfall 'Expedition' DLC pack at the PAX East event, Respawn representatives said that the DLC pack will offer three new maps in May. The new maps will include 'Swampland', 'Runoff', and 'War Games.'

Though the Respawn spokespeople divulged a May release window for the Titanfall 'Expedition' DLC pack, they did not specify any exact date for the launch of the pack. Nonetheless, it was revealed that the map pack will be priced at US$9.99 (/£7.99).

According to the details shared by Polygon, the 'Swampland' map will be themed around "archaic alien technology"; and will provide plentiful trees for 'tree running. The ''Runoff' map will feature water, while the 'War Games' map will be based on the training simulator of Titanfall game.

Meanwhile, other than elaborating about three new maps of the Titanfall 'Expedition' DLC pack, the representatives of the Respawn studio also confirmed that free updates with new game modes and burn cards are also on the cards in the near future, along with experimental features like HUD-free video capture, and temporary 'rifts or variants' on the already-available game modes.