Glucosamine Increases Lifespan: Study

GlucosamineMimicking a low-carbohydrate diet could play a big role in increasing overall lifespan. Well, a new study has found that glucosamine extended the life span of worms by 5% and for aging mice by almost 10%.

Glucosamine has been sold for so many years as treatment for arthritis and a promoter of joint health. However, the recent study, published in Nature Communications on Tuesday, claimed that glucosamine also has a major effect on metabolism to provide a better health and increase the life span as well.

It is not a secret anymore that glucosamine replicates a low-carbohydrate diet by not allowing the breakdown of large sugar molecules into smaller ones.

Michael Ristow at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich lead a team of researchers, used glucosamine on mice for its health effects on them after testing it on worms. As a result of using glucosamine, glucose metabolism was increased in the mice, which is also known to provide protection from diabetes.

The report in scientific journal Nature Communications said, "Unlike with most other potentially lifespan-extending drugs there are no known relevant side effects of glucosamine". Dr. Ristow, however, suggested that diabetics must perform careful blood glucose control if using supplements.

Tim Spector, an independent genetic epidemiologist at King's College London, said if glucosamine has even the modest effect on aging, it will certainly be a big advancement in medical science.

The Swiss researchers first used glucosamine on roundworms and results made it evident that life span of the species was increased by 5%. After this, they headed to mice to see the effect. The experiment with 146 mice led them to a conclusion that age of mice increased by an average 10% than their counterparts that were not given glucosamine. However, researchers have asked for further studies to confirm the benefits of glucosamine on aging.