Festo Gives World Bionic Kangaroo

Festo Gives World Bionic Kangaroo Festo, German industrial automation company, has developed robotic kangaroo. After giving two years to the project, it has come up with BionicKangaroo, which is a meter high and weighs seven kilograms.

Like wild kangaroos, it also hops with the help of its bladed feet. Its bladed feet allow it to bounce 40 centimeters into the air and 80 centimeters forward. The BionicKangaroo is controlled by an armband which allows the controller to direct it with a wave of their hands.

The BionicKangaroo is the latest addition in the company's Bionic Learning Network Project. The project has been started with an aim to learn better ways of moving, gripping and controlling things in factories.

The creators of the robotic kangaroo have tried to mimic the move of the wild kangaroos. They have fitted a small internal air compressor to provide power to robotic kangaroo's legs. The compressor provides optimum pressure for the jump.

The process does not end here, as springs present within the leg blades compressed to reserve certain amount of the energy generated through jumps. It leads to the controlled movement of the BionicKangaroo and also maximizes its battery life.

Earlier also, Festo has come up with some interesting projects like a flying SmartBird, the self-training elephant trunk and a swimming penguin among other creations. Experts have especially praised the BionicKangaroo as its moves would allow it move around quickly and also to handle difficult terrain easily.