Sony’s PS Vita portable gets new system software update

Sony’s PS Vita portable gets new system software updateIn a move which will make Sony's PlayStation Vita portable gaming console more functional, a PlayStation Blog post has revealed that Sony is set to roll out a new system software update which will enable the PS Vita to deliver detailed memory card file management, as well as bring on several other tweaks and improvements.

According to the details shared on the PlayStation Blog, the new PS Vita system update will abolish the 100 app limit for the home screen display.

As a result of the update, the maximum number of apps and games displayable on the PS Vita home screen will be increased from 100 to 500. The increased app home screen limit will resolve one of the complaints which PS Vita users have been voicing for quite a while now.

In addition to the increased app limit, the update will also introduce voice messaging, improved parental controls, increased user control over memory card usage, and a new calendar app which can be synced with Google Calendar.

The voice messaging functionality will enable PS Vita users to send and receive voice messages back and forth with PS4 users using the Messages application on the console. Users can also share their favorite events by using the Messages and Email apps.