Panasonic announces world’s first wearable camera – HX-A500

Panasonic announces world’s first wearable camera – HX-A500On Monday, Panasonic announced the world's first lightweight, strap-on camcorder - the HX-A500. The astounding 4K wearable camera is capable of shooting high-resolution videos at 25 frames per second.

The HX-A500 is a water-resistant and dustproof camera which the users can either attach to their head or clip to their body. The camera can also be attached to a surfboard, skateboard or motorbike. In addition, for additional flexibility, the camera can also be linked to a smartphone for using its screen as a viewfinder.

The wearable camcorder also has the capability to connect to other devices via near-field communications and Wi-Fi; thereby enabling the users to sync to the Panasonic Image App on a tablet for editing, sharing and even broadcasting their amazing adventures 'live' to the Internet.

The HX-A500 camera comprises of two parts --- a 31g camera bit and a 119g body unit that has a 1.5 inch, 115,200-dot colour LCD screen. The camera is scheduled to hit the Europe markets in May; and will be priced at €429.

With its ability to shoots at 25 frames-per-second 4K resolution, the Panasonic HX-A500 camera is as fast as the cinema standard for moving images. Moreover, the frame rate can also be notched up to 50 or even 100 frames per second for detailed, blur-free slow motion; but an increase in frame rate results in a reduction in resolution.