PediaPress launching Indiegogo campaign to print bound copies of entire English Wikipedia contents

PediaPressMainz, Germany-based PediaPress is set to launch an Indiegogo campaign pivoting around its mammoth effort to print bound copies of the entire contents of the English Wikipedia, the collaborative online encyclopedia.

PediaPress already has a partnership in place with the Wikimedia Foundation, for providing print-on-demand services to the organization.

PediaPress' project to print out the entire contents of Wikipedia implies that the effort will involve the printing of approximately 2.6 billion words and 4 million articles, which will all go into 1,000 volumes. Via the Indiegogo campaign, PediaPress is seeking to raise $50,000 for the execution of its project. Backers can donate from $5 up to $1,000 to sponsor the work.

The PediaPress project not only aims at creating an analog backup of the entire Wikipedia content, but also giving a physical shape to the gargantuan and painstaking work of the 20 million volunteers whose efforts helped build the massive online encyclopedia.

Though PediaPress acknowledges the fact that "a printed Wikipedia will be outdated within seconds," the company said of its proposed project: "We think that the best way to experience the size of Wikipedia is by transforming it into the physical medium of books."


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