19-Year-Old Girl Strips Down to her Underwear for NekNominate Craze

NekNominateBeing participant of an online NekNominate craze, Rebecca Dagley stripped down to her underwear scrolling a can of beer in an Asda store. The previous week, Rebecca walked wearing a trench coat and high heels into the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket in central England where she was filmed by her friends.

The footage of the 19-year-old British student revealed that Rebecca walked around the whole store before reaching the fruit section to perform her task. After reaching the destination, Rebecca removed her coat as she was wearing stockings, suspenders and purple lingerie and started drinking beer.

The NekNomination craze started in Australia last month and has now become popular across the globe with participation of thousands of British youngsters. This online competition involves youngsters to drink alcohol and then nominate others to do similar tasks in next 24 hours. Alcohol awareness groups criticize such type of tasks as it has been linked with deaths of two young Irish men.

Rebecca's stunt is the latest to go viral as part of the NekNomination craze. Rebecca shared her experience and said that earlier she was not willing to perform this task, but later on thought to have some fun in her life.
Citing an example, one young man from Derby performed similar task for NekNomination craze by drinking a live goldfish last week.


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