New AIDS Cases Found in Maharashtra, India

MaharashtraIt has been reported, that in the last three years, the largest number of AIDS cases have been registered in the state of Maharashtra. Around 98,578 fresh cases have been registered in the state. It is the quarter of the 4, 19,982 AIDS patients in the country.

Maharashtra is considered as the initial state where the disease was noticeable. In the year 1986, an AIDS case was first seen in Mumbai. It’s really hard to fight with this disease in this state because of the lack of awareness, large migrant population and increasing sex. According to the survey made by the National Aids Control Organization, 49 districts in India have high occurrence of this disease, out of which 14 districts are from Maharashtra.

After a study conducted by the Population Foundation of India, a Delhi-based NGO funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it was seen that the disease was found maximum in the worker working in the hotels and tourism industry. It was also seen in the people who were unemployed and the driver. The disease was spread by the truck drivers who travelled long distances.

According to the public health experts, the disease can be dealt with by proper consultation, providing education to people and accurate testing.