Tesla to upgrade Model S home wall-charger adapters after reports of overheating

Tesla to upgrade Model S home wall-charger adapters after reports of overheatingIn a Friday announcement, electric carmaker Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk said that home wall-charger adapters used by the owners of the company's Model S cars will soon be upgraded; a move which is prompted by reports of overheating of the adapters in garages.

The Tesla charger revamp announced by Musk comes in the wake of several reports of incidents of socket smoke during home charging.  The incidents, which have been described on a Tesla-owner website - and, in a few cases, also forwarded to federal regulators - reveal that Model S wall plugs melted or smoked while the cars were recharging.

Though Musk said that the overheating of the wall-charger adapters - which tether the cables issued by Tesla to wall outlets - can result from `inadequate' household wiring, he also said that Tesla is ordering new adapters to put the `charger revamp' move in place.

According to the details shared by Musk, the upgraded home wall-charger adapters with thermal fuses will be provided to Model S owners.  Musk said that the thermal fuse in the adapters will halt the charging process when abnormal levels of heat are detected.

Musk said that the "improved adapter with a thermal fuse" will be mailed out to the owners of Tesla vehicles in the next couple of weeks.