Top psychologist cautions against over-medication to deal with stress

Top psychologist cautions against over-medication to deal with stressLeading psychologist cautions against the "over-medication" of typical anxiety because of the reason that it can prevent individuals handling their issues without being dependent on tablets.

Dr Michael Drumm, head of psychology at the Mater Hospital said that in case patients were only enduring the strains of commonplace living, they might be better off encountering it and making lifestyle changes as opposed to taking physician endorsed medications.

The previous president of the Psychological Society of Ireland added that this may encourage individuals to work out why they were feeling discouraged and taking a gander at it as a chance to change, and for self-improvement.

The deprived, individuals enduring with sexual issues and light sleepers are around the individuals who are, no doubt gave antidepressants, it has been asserted.

He was talking in reference to another British ponder that guaranteed specialists are unnecessarily recommending antidepressants to patients who are only "pitiful" instead of clinically discouraged.

The study found that the over-analysis of stress is more regular than under-diagnosis.  Chris Dowrick, educator of essential therapeutic forethought at Liverpool University, through a report, called for guidelines on diagnosing despondency to be tightened and for pharmaceutical organizations to be banned from showcasing medications to GPs.