Legal online poker will re-emerge in California, say experts

Legal online poker will re-emerge in California, say expertsWith online poker having re-emerged in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware in the past year, some legal experts are of the opinion that "legal online poker" is apparently on the cards in California as well.

Online poker was made illegal in the US in April 2011, when the government shut down three big online poker sites: Full Tilt, PokerStars and Absolute Poker.

One of the gambling law specialists, Professor I. Nelson Rose - from Whittier Law School - opines that there is no doubt that legal online poker will re-emerge in California. Rose said that the move is apparently being prevented by state "politics."

With reference to "politics" preventing legal online poker in California, Rose hint basically at the Indian tribes which exercise huge influence in Sacramento, and believe that the re-emergence of legal online gambling will lead to a plunge in the number of gamblers flocking to the casinos.

However, despite the mentioned "politics," Rose said that California will be driven to legalize Internet-based poker because of its need for increased tax revenue. With 2014 being an election year, Rose is predicting that the state will likely give its approval to some kind of online poker format in 2015.

Expressing a similar opinion, Jeff Ifrah - a Washington, D. C., attorney who specializes in gaming law - said that California can reap great benefits if it allows online gaming. Ifrah said: "California coming online would dwarf any success that those other markets had."