Twitter updates its mobile emergency alert system

Twitter updates its mobile emergency alert system In a Thursday announcement, popular microblogging service Twitter revealed that it has made a few noteworthy updates to its mobile emergency alert system called `Twitter Alerts.' The system was launched in September; and it enables participant organizations to send alerts whenever there is a natural disaster or some other kind of emergency.

Announcing the updates to the `Twitter Alerts program, Twitter said that the iOS and Android users of the mobile emergency alert system will now have the ability to subscribe to the emergency alerts directly from the Twitter profiles of the participant organizations.

To start receiving emergency alerts from an organization, `Twitter Alerts' users have to click on a bell-shaped icon which is positioned alongside the `follow' button on the organization's profile page. Users who subscribe to emergency alerts will also start following the organization if they are not already doing so.

An emergency alert notification from the organization to which the users have subscribed will prompt the pop-up of an in-app notification in their Twitter app. The emergency notifications will be in red; and the alert will appear in bright orange color at the bottom of the users' Twitter stream.

The update to `Twitter Alerts' also reveals that the emergency alert system, which initially had 70 participant organizations, now boasts the participation of over 120 organizations - 50 of them from the US - from seven countries; with Brazil and Australia having recently joined the program.