Auckland Airport and the Auckland Taxi Association Settle Taxi issues

 Auckland Airport and the Auckland Taxi Association Settle Taxi issuesThe Auckland Airport and the Auckland Taxi Association (ATA) have arrived to a settlement regarding the working conditions of taxi drivers.

Members of the ATA participated in a hunger strike over working conditions at the airport earlier this week. About 180 drivers from small taxi firms were protesting against the placement of a new dedicated taxi rank which is home to premium taxi companies, directly opposite the arrivals hall at the international terminal. The dedicated rank placed competition to the secondary free-flow rank which is used by smaller firms.

Auckland Airport has held on its decision not to move the dedicated cab rank but has decided to move on with other actions including a new short fare system, improving relationships with traffic marshals and a transport concierge.

It says it also plans improve external signage at the domestic terminal to guide the passengers to the free flow taxi rank. It will also upgrade toilets, drinking water and sun shelter for drivers.

These actions are subject to review after one year.

Auckland Airport's general manager retail and commercial, Richard Barker, and spokesman for the Auckland Taxi Association, which groups the small companies, Manmohan Singh, said they were pleased to have finally come to a conclusion regarding the issue.