US Experts to Assess Kids Heart Surgery Future on All-Ireland Basis

US Experts to Assess Kids Heart Surgery Future on All-Ireland Basis Stormont Health Minister Edwin Poots has affirmed that a team of American experts are going to assess future of children's heart surgery born with cardiac disease on an All-Ireland basis.

It has been seen that children affected from cardiac disease in Northern Ireland have to travel to Dublin or Great Britain for surgeries. There are a number of parents who have objected on the same.

"My key priority throughout this process has been, and remains, to ensure the delivery of a safe and sustainable service for these vulnerable children", said Mr. Poots.

Doctors in Great Britain are seeing 300-500 cases of congenital heart conditions a year. On the other hand, Belfast has seen 60 surgeries in total in last year. This has created a lot of difference when it comes to workload. So,

if workload is shared with Dublin then not only more patients can be seen, but specialist list service can also be made sustainable.

In fact, an interim plan has also been agreed by Mr. Poots and Irish Health Minister James Reilly. As per which, doctors in the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children and Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Dublin will work in unison to provide quality care to families in Northern Ireland.

The US experts will assess that whether two centre service approach in Dublin and Belfast is effective in long-term or not.