Federal Railroad Administration gives NY railway time Until Tuesday to analyze lines

Federal-Railroad-AdministrationThis week a speeding commuter train derailed, killing four people. To avoid such accidents in future the Metro-North Railroad has until Tuesday to identify places in its system with major speed changes under an order from federal transportation officials requiring an extra worker in the driver's cab on these routes.

This emergency order by the Federal Railroad Administration was a reaction to Sunday's accident in the Bronx, where a train flew off the tracks after hitting a curve at 82 mph, nearly three times the 30 mph speed limit. The single train operator told investigators he nodded at the controls and didn't apply the brakes until it was too late.

According to the order the railroad, which operates between New York and Connecticut must provide until Dec. 31, the Federal Railroad Administration with a plan and target dates for modifying the existing signal system which will make trains automatically slow down in places where the speed limit drops by more than 20 mph.

Until those signal changes are made, the order will require the rail line to put at least two qualified workers in the operator's cab on sections of track where speeds vary.