About 70 Patients Not Informed Of Their Cardiac Disease Test Results

About 70 Patients Not Informed Of Their Cardiac Disease Test ResultsAccording to a latest report, about 70 people at the national centre for medical genetics at Our Lady's hospital in Crumlin have never been informed about the fact they are potentially at risk of inherited cardiac disease.

Sources said the authorities concerned are presently conducting a major investigation regarding the issue. It has also been revealed by the sources that a staff member has also been suspended, by the higher authorities, regarding the same concern. 

The hospital explains that about 506 tests for the inherited cardiac disease have been carried out between the months of February 2011 and November 2013. It also says that only these patients are the subject of the current review.

The hospital says that in addition to about 69 adults and children, who did not receive the notice about their condition, about 128 more patients with abnormal test results were contacted by the hospital.

It also said that only the final clinical letter had not yet been issued to the referring doctor, which will be sent shortly.

The hospital also says that about 256 patients had positive reports and their files are presently being reviewed in order to check their communicational status.

It said, "The cause of the delay in communicating with patients has been identified and a member of staff has been suspended from duty pending a full investigation".