Central Remedial Clinic Used Donations to Raise Staff Salaries

Central Remedial Clinic Used Donations to Raise Staff SalariesMinister for Social Protection Joan Burton is quite disturbed to know that donations have been used to increase the salaries of officials working at the Central Remedial Clinic.

While speaking at the Labour Party National Conference that took place in Killarney, Burton asked that the Central Remedial Clinic has to come out in public and clarify the matter.

It has now become important that they should reveal about funding is arranged and the way it is spent. Moreover, they will be required to explain the sources of additional income, affirmed Burton.

It is only after listening to them; it will be decided as what steps will be taken. "I think they need to produce full accounting details and records and information in relation to it. Where it is inappropriate I would hope to see them change or modify that practice", said Burton.

The organization has already confessed that they have used the donated amount to top-up the salaries of their staff, which includes chief-executive. As per the report, organization's then CE Paul Kiely was drawing €106,900. But after addition was made, he was fetching a further €136,000 by the clinic.

Burton affirmed that the public needs assurance that their donations are used for the right purpose.