UK Expert Warns Risk of Dengue fever to World Cup Fans

UK Expert Warns Risk of Dengue fever to World Cup FansA warning has been given to football fans who are going to the World Cup in Brazil should be alert about the danger of dengue fever by a UK expert.

Dengue is a tropical disease and spreads by mosquito bites. The disease could be a problem in three of the 12 host cities next summer, says Prof. Simon Hay, of Oxford University.

The best method to protect from disease is to avoid mosquitoes as there is no vaccine or drug related to the disease. Dengue can cause fever and in severe cases may require the patient to be admitted in the hospital.

Prof. Hay writes in the journal Nature, "Dengue fever could be a significant problem in some of the tournament locations, and preventative measures are needed".

The sites of the cities of the 12 stadiums in Brazil are chosen to host World Cup football games. Prof. Hay says that measures should be taken to control and reduce the number of mosquitoes in the region of the northern stadiums and to stop the mosquito's breeding cycle.

On November 20, Brazil said that minimum of 573 people had died from dengue till now this year as compared to 292 who died in the year 2012 and 472 died in the year in 2011. As per WHO website, about 50 to 100 million people are infected by dengue every year in over 100 countries


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