Hyundai unveils sleek overhauled version of its high-end Genesis sedan

Hyundai unveils sleek overhauled version of its high-end Genesis sedan In what probably is the first complete redo of the 2008-introduced Genesis sedan, Hyundai Motor took the wraps off a sleek overhauled edition of its high-end Genesis sedan in South Korea on Tuesday.

With the Genesis having been a breakthrough vehicle for Hyundai in the US, the automaker is now banking on the new Genesis - as well as the forthcoming Sonata sedan - to increase its 2014 vehicle sales in the country by 10 percent, up from projected 734,000 vehicles in 2013.

The release of the new Genesis will also probably help Hyundai in reviving its sales momentum in its domestic - South Korea - market. The retail price of the new Genesis in South Korea is expected to be in the range of between $43,908 and $65,582.

The new Genesis will boast some attractive new features, including Hyundai's first all-wheel-drive system. The sedan will have a flat-front nose, with its appearance to be quite similar to the one seen in the HCD-14 Genesis concept which was unveiled by Hyundai in Detroit last January.

Overall, the new Genesis will be a quality luxury-standard car which, according to an Associated Press report, is likely to hit the US markets in early 2014.

Highlighting the significance of the new Genesis for Hyundai in the US market, Y. J. Ahn - a director of Hyundai's American business - told the Associated Press: "This is a chance to raise Hyundai's image in the premium car market."