Most donated cash went to telemarketing: Epilepsy NZ

Epilepsy NZ

Epilepsy NZ snapped its ties with the Epilepsy Foundation on the issue of the utilization of funds.

According to the Epilepsy NZ, only a small fraction of 2.8 million collected for the charity was actually spent for the cause it was collected.

Nearly 2.8 million was collected in donations via telemarketing in the past three years. But 75% of the donation went to the telemarketing company whereas 22.5 per cent went to the foundation for managing its office in Hamilton. Only $2.8 million collected in donations was actually spent on the people with the condition.

Epilepsy NZ general manager Frank Gouveia said: "I believe that people who were donating believed it was going to the local area and to the services our organisation provides."

Gouveia said the organisation, which holds Government contracts to provide epilepsy services, would now handle its own fundraising.

According to the records, $1.29m went to the telemarketer whereas $468,249 went to the foundation. Out of it around $256,000 was spent on operating expenses. $224,000 went into a capital fund. $49,000 was allocated to "ENZ support costs".

Epilepsy NZ president John Molineaux said the telemarketing drive interfered with local efforts to raise money and offered a poor return.