Students Furry towards DrinkAware Campaign

Students Furry towards DrinkAware CampaignDrinkAware is a campaign group, which was organized to encourage students to have responsible drinking. This campaign is run by Meas, which does not encourage students to drink; neither had they put any ban on it. According to a new report, campaign group said that they are not in the favor to apply nanny state approach to alcohol.

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) said they will not maintain any relation with the campaign in regard of its promotion of Arthur's Day. Fionnuala Sheehan, chief executive of Meas, said that forcing people to avoid drinking alcohol does not even mean that it supports responsible drinking.

"Meas/drinkaware. ie is an alcohol social responsibility organization, not an alcohol prohibition body, established to tackle problems arising from the abuse or misuse of alcohol", said Ms. Sheehan.

She said that their organization does not allow anyone to drink alcohol; indeed they advise people to avoid drinking. This organization shows the realities, which the Irish society is facing.

It has been announced by the USI that they will develop their own independent alcohol awareness campaign and will end their relationship with DrinkAware. Joe O'Connor, USI president, said that DrinkAware did very little in the name of their campaign to Arthur's Day in September.