Placentas Can Be Turned into Photo Frames

Placentas Can Be Turned into Photo FramesAccording to a latest report, Graduate Amanda Cotton has recently come up with a way to turn the placentas of mothers into a photo frame. She believes that mothers can use these photo frames to display the pictures of their babies.

Amanda Cotton has come with a wonderful as well as unique idea of making marble-effect photo frames, with the placentas of the mothers. According to the sources, she also claims that she is already receiving orders from people who are going to become parents.

It has also been revealed by the sources that she follows a long process in order to make these unique photo frames. She says that she first boils the placenta and then cooks it in a distinctive manner. After this she grinds the placenta and then places it into a mould along with resin and other materials.

According to sources she has an exclusive way of making these memorable photo frames. It has also been revealed by sources that, she is a graduate from The University of Brighton.

She says, "I have had a lot of positive feedback from mothers and fathers to be - and I already have clients."

She also said that she has recently got an order from Ulrika Jarl, who is expecting her second child at Christmas.