Exercise in Later Life is Beneficial: Study

 StudyThe British Journal of Sports Medicine published study has unveiled that doing exercise at elderly age make them stay healthy.

The study has found that those who have been doing exercise in their later life are three times more likely to stay fit in comparison to their inactive peers. In order to reach at the above given result, study researchers from the Montreal Heart Institute at Concordia University has monitored the health of 3,500 people.

Average age of these people was 64 and they were tracked for more than eight years. Not only they were tracked, but their medical records were also assessed. Moreover, three categories were made, inactive, moderate activity and vigorous activity.

These categories were made on the basis of frequency and intensity of exercises performed by the participants. "Sustained physical activity was prospectively associated with improved healthy ageing - absence of disease, freedom from disability, high cognitive and physical functioning, good-mental health", said study researchers.

Doireann Maddock from the British Heart Foundation was of the view the view that it is vital to remain active. Remaining physically active will help in keeping a number of health complications at bay like heart disease. Therefore, taking up exercise is beneficial in later life also.