Time to Punish Adults Who Buy Alcohol for Teenagers: Officials

 OfficialsAccording to a latest report, officials propose that parents, friends and older siblings who purchase alcohol for their younger children, friends or siblings should face harsher punishments.

According to the authorities, people who are responsible for the drinking habits of the teenagers should be highly punished in order to tackle harmful underage drinking.

In a new report, Demos says that these punishments could include community service, social shaming or banning from shops.

According to a latest research is has been found that about one-third or about 33% of the teenagers between the age group of 11 and 15 said that that they were able to have access  to alcohol in the previous four weeks.

Out of them about 19% said that they were able to have access to alcohol due to their parents, and about the same percentage admitted that they were able to drink it due to their older friends or siblings.

According to the latest statistics, one in seven teenagers (13%) had asked some else to purchase alcohol for them. On the other hand about 3% said that they purchased alcohol themselves, which is illegal.

The new report states that the police as well as the local authorities should give tougher punishments to those who become the reason for the young teenagers to drink alcohol.