Excess of Exercise Bad for Health: Survey

 SurveyThe gradual increase in the field of science has lead to development of new technologies that contribute in solving complex tasks. New techniques are being developed that help humans performing their tasks, while sitting at their own places.

Regular exercise is the word, which is slowly being vanishing from the dictionary of common people. This gives birth to various harmful diseases, especially obesity. Exercise is must for human body as it helps to keep body fit and healthy. But, the new report states that too much of exercise is not good for teenagers.

As you all know that excess of everything is bad, the same is suited in case of exercises.

Researchers said excess of exercise could prove as bad as getting nothing for all. A survey was conducted by researchers in which they found that teenagers who had done exercise for more than 14 hours a week were in severe health condition.

A questioning was done by researchers from University of Lausanne in Switzerland to more than 1,200 people, who were aged between 16 to 20 years. They were asked regarding their sporting habits and for how much time they play their sports in one day.

Officials said higher levels of exercise were linked to decrease in stress and anxiety and increase in self-esteem and brainpower. But, the report said that these benefits were rarely seen among teenagers, who got larger weekly exercises.