Twitter rolls out update to its iOS and Android apps

Twitter rolls out update to its iOS and Android appsPopular microblogging service Twitter announced the latest update to its iOS and Android apps on Tuesday. The updated Twitter apps give the iOS and Android users of the service the ability use new search filters to find and filter only that content which they want to see.

The new update for Twitter's iOS and Android apps marks Twitter's ongoing efforts in the direction of customization; with the company having introduced the new Custom timelines feature only last week.

The updated Twitter iOS and Android apps boast the addition of several new features; and underscore Twitter's experimental efforts to emerge as an information source which helps the users find out exactly what other people are talking about and join in.

The Tuesday update for the Twitter iOS and Android apps allows the users to just type in a keyword or two; and filter by photos, videos, followers, or all Twitter users. In addition, users can also avail the option of viewing top tweets or all tweets --- a choice which was not available in the previous versions of the apps.

Moreover, if the users slide on over to the Discover tab, the update - which Twitter started rolling out to all users with effect from Tuesday - allows them to see a trending timeline, which shows them what's hot on Twitter, along with some tweets to reveal what topics are being discussed by other users.