Hyundai to start selling Tucson SUV powered by hydrogen fuel cell next year

Hyundai to start selling Tucson SUV powered by hydrogen fuel cell next yearSouth Korean automaker Hyundai has revealed in a last-week announcement that it is bringing a hydrogen vehicle to the market in 2014, when it will start selling a Tucson SUV powered by a hydrogen fuel cell in the US.

Touting the hydrogen fuel cell technology at Hyundai’s research and development center near Ypsilanti, Michigan, on Friday, the automaker’s North America CEO John Krafcik said: "These things are now ready for prime time."

About the fuel cell solution for vehicles, Krafcik said that the technology “sort of brings together the best features of (internal combustion engines) and the best features of battery electric vehicles;” and added: "It is very compelling. It has great range. I can refill it in almost no time, and it is not impacted by weather."

With the hydrogen fuel cell-powered Tucson SUV to be the first mass-market vehicle of its kind to be sold or leased in the US, the details of the vehicle – which will have an electric motor powered by a stack of hydrogen fuel cells - will be announced by Hyundai at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday, November 20. At the show, Hyundai will introduce prices as well as details about how the hydrogen Tucson SUVs will be sold or leased.

Hyundai will first start selling the hydrogen fuel-cell Tucson SUVs in Southern California; and will later expand their availability to other areas once filling stations are constructed.