Twitter gives marketers new mobile targeting controls

Twitter gives marketers new mobile targeting controlsIn a move which expands Twitter's ad targeting capabilities, the popular microblogging service has revealed in a Wednesday announcement that has introduced some changes which will enable marketers to target mobile ads by device, OS version, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The announcement implies that marketers will now be able to granularly segment mobile - iOS and Android - users and serve different ads to them, on the basis of the device and OS they are using, and even on whether they have a Wi-Fi connection.

Before the announced change in Twitter's ad targeting capabilities, the marketers could only target ads to users on the basis of their mobile OS.

The expansion of ad targeting capabilities by Twitter underscores a very significant change, especially against the backdrop of the fact that the social networking service is accessed by a mobile device by approximately 76 percent of Twitter's install base of 230 million users across the world.

Moreover, with the majority of Twitter revenue generated through advertising, it was apparently critical for the success of the company - which has recently gone public - to give the marketers increased flexibility on mobile.

Noting that the new mobile targeting controls will help marketers reach the users who are most important to them, Kelton Lynn - Twitter Ads Product Manager - said in a blog post: "All marketers can focus their campaigns on users with device models that are indicative of demographics which align with their campaign goals."