Initiative taken by three organizations to keep kids safe on Net


With the aim to aid parents protect their children from the dangers of technology, three organizations -Telecom, police and Net Safe - are joining hands together in an initiative called Keeping Kiwi Kids Safer in Cyberspace. Their target would be to make sure that young people are aware of how to stay safe online. It is through text messaging that all schools are receiving their ‘net safety’ notes.

According to Net Safe operations manager Lee Chisholm, children are really fast in learning the benefits of the internet, mobile phones and other devices; however, they neglect the risks of these technological devices. She continued that parents have a vital role to play in terms of net safety for kids, by talking to their children about these risks.

“Some youngster can end up neglecting family and friends, because they become too involved in their online world and the pamphlet helps parents deal with several online issues such as those,” specified Ms. Chisholm.

Furthermore, there are also chances that children might come across inappropriate sexual content or other inappropriate content on net that might confuse or disturb them.

The copies of the Keeping Kiwi Kids Safe can be acquired by parents, caregivers and schools by calling 0508 NETSAFE or from Cyberspace. Bulk supply can be gained by schools from their local Police Education Officer.