Jetstar tipped to move into domestic market

Jetstar tipped to move into domestic market

Since the Qantas kangaroo's budget subsidiary Jetstar has tipped to move into the New Zealand domestic market, it seems that the former might soon disappear from New Zealand skies.

Jetstar that already flies Trans-Tasman from Christchurch will soon commence the same service from Auckland. Now the domestic market would also be tackled by it.

According to aviation commentator Peter Clark, "I think we're going to see that very early this week. They're going to make announcements probably to operate on the domestic market and probably most people are looking at Christchurch to Auckland to be that domestic market."

Jetstar has been actively recruiting staff, though it denied commenting, while saying that an announcement would be made later this month. It has been learnt that nearly 250 have been recruited by the company, to work as pilots, ground staff and cabin crew, which could mean an end to its parent company in New Zealand.

Mr. Clark said, "Qantas will probably phase out. I would say within two years we may not even see the Qantas brand on the short haul Tasman."

Mr. Clark also is of the viewpoint that the fares of Jetstar would be almost the same as those already being offered by Pacific Blue, which means that airfares will not be cheaper, but there will be more budget fares available - so Pacific Blue and not Air New Zealand would be the airline likely to suffer competition.

Already, the New Zealand operations have been scaled back by Qantas. It scrapped off-peak services between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch last month. As of now, it is being hoped that all of Qantas's domestic and Trans-Tasman flights would be eventually taken over by Jetstar.