Female Drinkers Promote Alcohol Abuse among Developed Countries

Female Drinkers Promote Alcohol Abuse among Developed CountriesAccording to reports, many female drinkers are driving the growth of alcohol abuse in much of the developed countries.

It has been found that the richer the country is the smaller in the gap between male and female alcohol consumers.

The alcohol industry is smart enough to observe this phenomenon amongst the developed countries and is now coming up with their new and tempting brands, which are exclusively made for women.

Some names of such brands are Girls' Night Out, MommyJuice, Mommy's Time Out, Cupcake, Happy Bitch, plus berry-flavored vodkas, Skinnygirl Vodka, mango coolers, Mike's Hard Lemonade etc.

An expert while sharing her point of view says that she became an award-winning writer got married and had a son.

She says her husband and she got separated after they had a five years old son, but they continued to share all daily duties and all of the pleasures.

She says she often used to surprise herself by drinking alcohol, which was initially a glass or two but after some years turned into a heavy drinking habit.

Preeminent American alcohol researcher Sharon Wilsnack, of the University of North Dakota, believes and says that the women are now witnessing a `global epidemic' when it comes to drinking.