Strange Glow in Magellanic Stream Confuses Scientists

Strange Glow in Magellanic Stream Confuses ScientistsBlack holes can simply be categorized as massive, puzzling cosmic occurrence with a voracious appetite. A new research demonstrates that these celestial mysteries have a certain level of finesse to their activities.

Martin Rees said it has been supposed that galactic center may have been flared up sporadically in the past. He is one of the astronomers involved in the led study detailing the findings at the University of Sydney.

Lead author professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn said, "The realization that these black holes can switch on and off within a million years, which given the universe is 14 billion years old means very rapidly, is a significant discovery".

A strange glow in the Magellanic Stream has confused the scientists.  The hydrogen gas stream sprawling two companion galaxies in our Milky Way, it was found that it is associated with a theorized cataclysmic event in Sagittarius A*, region surrounding the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy.

In the year 2010, Fermi satellite of NASA has revealed two huge bubbles of hot gas surging out from the center of the galaxy, wrapping nearly a quarter of the sky. Bland-Hawthron said that when he saw this research he realized that the similar event would also clarify the unexplained glow that can be seen on the Magellanic Stream.