New Zealand’s Airline Plans to Fly Antarctica

Air-New-ZealandAccording to new reports, there seems to be regular flights to Antarctica by the Air New Zealand, but scientists will only be allowed and not the common people.

There would be a test flight from Auckland to Pegasus Field on Ross Island in order to prove that there can be a trip between the two places.

An unmodified Boeing 767-300 will make a return trip from Antarctica without getting refueling, whereas the RNZAF 757s is an airfield which currently flies to Antarctica.

Murray McCully, Foreign Affairs Minister, said that this new airfield will surely bring some change in their capability on the ice.

Rob Fenwick, chairman of Antarctica New Zealand, says that his new scheme would offer flexibility to both the New Zealand and US Antarctic programs.

Every year, about 2,200 scientists are being carried between New Zealand and Antarctica. Maximum numbers of flights are done with the help of both the Boeing C17 and the Hercules aircraft from the US Air Force Christchurch.

Scientists revealed that if this mission would be successful; they will look forward to launch two more flights in the next summers.

Graeme Ayres, the operations manager for Antarctica New Zealand, said: "They have the capability to move mass numbers of people pretty quickly".