Intel quietly acquires Spain-based natural language processing startup Indisys

Intel quietly acquires Spain-based natural language processing startup IndisysAccording to several news reports, citing the information shared by an Intel spokesperson, chip-giant Intel has quietly acquired the Sevilla, Spain-based natural language processing (NLP) startup Indisys.

Since Intel has not, thus far, made any official announcement of its acquisition deal for Indisys – even though the deal reportedly closed on May 31 -, the details pertaining to the acquisition have started trickling out only this week.

While the Intel spokesperson, confirming the Intel-Indisys deal, stopped short of divulging the financial terms of the acquisition, it is being speculated that the deal was worth approximately €20 million ($26 million), if not more.

Though it not yet clear as to how Intel intends using the Indisys technologies, it is quite evident that the chipmaker will try to exploit the Spanish startup’s deep background in computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive science. The Indisys acquisition will primarily give Intel voice-control technology, with the result that the chipmaker will not have to license code from third-party providers.

Under the terms of the acquisition deal, most of the Indisys employees - including the company’s CEO Pilar Manchon – have already joined Intel. Manchon is now working in Intel’s Research & Development (R&D) department.