Optus launches its ‘4G Plus’ network in major Australian cities

Optus launches its ‘4G Plus’ network in major Australian citiesIn a noteworthy launch of Optus' new Time-Division Long-Term Evolution (TD-LTE) network, Victorian Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips recently rolled out the company's `4G Plus' network at the Melbourne Tennis Centre.

The 4G Plus network launched by Optus will operate on the 2300MHZ spectrum; and will be available for in four leading Australian cities - Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide - from today. Optus has already carried out a successful pilot of the 4G Plus network in Canberra, where the company tested the technology with 4G modems.

The launch of the 4G Plus network by Optus -  which purchased Vivid Wireless' 2300MHZ spectrum that will also be available to Virgin Mobile and other Optus resellers - implies that the company is Australia's only mobile provider that operates from two high capacity network technologies.

Describing the expansion of capacity by Optus as a "couple of extra lanes on the superhighway," David Epstein - Optus' VP of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs - said that the 4G Plus network is about "adding extra capacity, particularly at peak times, when you have a lot of people wanting to use a lot of data."

Meanwhile, so far as the device compatibility with Optus' new TD-LTE network is concerned, the existing handsets which are compatible with the technology include the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, and Apple's newly-announced iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C handsets. Another compatible handset - the LG G2 - will likely hit the markets in November.


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