Female Circumcision Increases in UK

Female Circumcision Increases in UKFemale genital mutilation has been reported on a significant increase in the United Kingdom despite the procedure being unlawful. New figures have revealed that over 2,100 female genital mutilation victims have received treatment for the same in London hospitals.

Amongst the ones treated were 12 children, one of whom was a girl. Following the criminal act, the girl was left with an open wound.

Nearly 300 women were in need of surgery so that they could recuperate from the atrocious ritual. It has been found that the process is linked to African communities, including Somalia, Sudan, Mali and Kenya. Also, it has association with a few areas of the Middle East.

Around 66,000 women in the country have been dealing with the consequences of the procedure. Also, some 20,000 young girls or more have been suspected to be at high risk of the same.

Girls as young as five from Britain are specially taken to the aforementioned regions for the `cut'. But, the UK has been seeing the same as a common trend. Also, the number of victims is being claimed to be more than that shown by the data.

"These statistics show a very significant number of women are being treated for FGM", stated specialist Dr. Comfort Momoh at St. Thomas' Hospital.


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