Jailed British rapist wait for HIV report

Jailed British rapist wait for HIV reportThere are no free lunches, especially for this drugged-up British rapist who attacked a woman sleeping in her own bed and could have contracted HIV from her.

Richard Thomas had accepted that he had raped a woman at Leigh in Greater Manchester at her own house and was sentenced to five years and four months.

He was aware that the woman was not feeling well but he was unaware that she had HIV and after the police told him about it, he collapsed.

The rapist identified as Thomas, 27, of Sandringham Drive, Leigh, had attempted the crime after the victim had taken a sleeping pill.

The court heard that he said he had been drinking vigorously and had consumed drugs, and couldn't review the hit.

The lady woke up only to know that someone was raping her as Thomas had let himself into the house uninvited amidst the night.

Harry Pepper, prosecutor, said, "She solidified and no statements were recorded. He pulled up his shorts and left."

Judge Mark Brown portrayed the wrongdoing as horrendous. The reports will be out later this week.

His advocate, Virginia Hayton, said, "It is his own shortcoming, in the event that he had not submitted this offence he might not have set himself in this position."



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