Better Mental Health Care Services Needed

Better Mental Health Care Services Needed   Concerns have been raised about people having mental health issues. There are a number of them, who live on streets and do such things that risk their lives.

Delta Mayor Lois Jackson said that there should be a place, where they can be taken and they can be protected from causing any sort of harm to them.

Metro Vancouver municipalities as well as local police have asked the provincial government to come up with better health care services. There are a number of issues that will be presented to the Union of B. C. Municipalities.

The Corporation of Delta and District of Maple Ridge wants that the authorities concerned should come up early intervention centres for mental health and addiction. Not only this, they also want that Riverview Hospital should be re-opened for people having mental health issues.

In 2012, Vancouver police came up with a report. In which, it unveiled shocking figures that they had held 2,636 people under the Mental Health Act. As per experts, the figure was found to be quite much in comparison to past years.

One of the other things that has been noticed is more people have been taking help of police when it comes to mental health. "Police should not be the front line on mental health issues. Lack of funding in the health care system is putting these people on the streets", said Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu.