Natalisin Responsible for Sexual Activity and Reproduction Ability in Insects

Natalisin Responsible for Sexual Activity and Reproduction Ability in InsectsA research has been carried out by a group of researchers from Kansas State University.

Study researchers has found that a neuropeptide known as natalisin is responsible for regulating sexual activity as well as reproductive ability in insects.

In order to know more about the same, study researchers looked the neuropeptide in a number of fruit flies, red floor beetles and in silk moths as well. Maim aim of study researchers was to know about the expression of natalisin.

One of the benefits that study resaerchers derived was that an insect's life is divided into four parts. The four parts are egg, larva, pupa and adult. This led study researchers to go through the entire lifecycle of an insect and understand the role of natalisin.

It has been found that natalisin is formed of short chains of amino acids that are present in the brains of insects. Co-author the study Yoonseong Park was of the view that natalisin is something with which anthropods have been evolved.

If natalisin is taken out of the fruit fly then it is unable to mate. Park said that they have female preparing her body to attract male but male is unable to send strong message to gain her attraction.

"We're not sure if that's because the male can't really smell her or because he is not developed enough to signal her", said Park.


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