Air NZ Announces 180 Jobs Cut

Air NZ Announces 180 Jobs CutAir NZ has announced a massive job cut of 180 heavy maintenance jobs in the flight, reason being the falling demand of the heavy maintenance work.

Recently speaking upon the issue of the job cuts, the union leader has stated the announcements from the company very saddening. He said that the 180 heavy maintenance job cuts at Air New Zealand has come as a very disturbing news for the aircraft engineering.

The engineers union and the airline both discussed upon the issue and concluded that the falloff in the heavy maintenance work has resulted in the axing of the jobs. They explained that the fleet has modernized, which has forced the company to take the above decision.

According to the plans, the layoffs will be done around the middle of the next year.

Another reason behind the decision was the high value of the New Zealand dollar. The growing values were hurting the competitiveness, said the union, adding that it all happened despite all the productivity gains that the company made over the past few years.

Citing the above sudden job cut, the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union have requested the airline company to plan some new projects and refurbish the older model Boeing 777 planes in the country.